Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Showcase - Submit Now!

Big Sky View From Down Town
by Colby Munger

Happy New Year!!! Carol and I are in Cape Coral, Florida for a few weeks for warm weather and photographing the wildlife preserves and Everglades. Before Christmas I was travelling the northern cities on business and captured the above shot. I look forward to seeing the member pictures from the New York field trip and holiday shots.

OK.... it's time to submit 3 more of your favorite pictures on any subject from anytime by this coming Monday, January 5th for the showcase to be shown at our meeting January 12th. I will still be in Florida so Chris Edwards will host our meeting. After the showcase she will discussing how to improve our eye for composition. This should be a fun meeting.

You will find submission procedure repeated below. Thanks in advance for participating.

Submission Procedures:

  • Up to three JPEG image files (any size or resize to 1024pixels maximum on a side to keep the file size reasonable)
  • Rename the files with your name and a sequence number (i.e., john-smith-1, john-smith-2, john-smith-3)
  • Email files to by Monday, January 5th (Don't be late)

- If you don't want your pictures in the club website gallery put the phrase "Don't publish my pictures on the club website" in your submission email.

How Showcases Work

The goal of the Showcase is to have members submit three pictures of any subject or subjects of their choice and have them projected in a slide show at a meeting. The pictures can have been taken at anytime. Each member's three images will be displayed in order and the photographer will be asked by the moderator if they would like to comment on their pictures. Each contributor will have up to one minute total to discuss their images. There is no requirement to speak but all of us would like to hear the background behind your pictures, why you selected them and what you might have learned in taking the pictures. Though your commentary is encouraged it is totally up to each contributor.

We need to have all images collected by the Monday the week before the scheduled showcase. This will allow the moderator to assemble the digital slide show in advance of the meeting and insure time to notify contributors if there is error in their submission. At this time late submissions will be deferred to the next showcase.

A Warning About Web Galleries

Images posted on web galleries are subject to being copied and used inappropriately by others and without the photographer's permission . After discussion we have taken some steps to ameliorate this problem by using an Adobe Flash gallery and downsizing the pictures to 800 pixels on a side before posting. These measures are only an inconvenience to pirates. The fact is anyone with the will can digitally scrape an image off a screen. I can say that I have personally decided that posting my own images at small scale. To me it is worth the benefits from sharing. Everyone should make their own decision about the risk versus the reward and decide whether to post or not.

Double Check

We want to make sure that everyone's picture makes into the show. Check the following when you email your pics.

  • You should Receive an automatic email reply:“Your email was received. If you attached images to the email they were also received. Thanks for participating!This is an automatically created response. Please don't reply to this message. We will contact you if there is any issue with your submission. Thanks.”
  • You should Receive a second short personal email during the week before the showcase or challenge when I add the pictures to the slide show.
  • Unless you requested to not post your pictures in a club website gallery your pictures will be included on the club website.
  • If you have second thoughts about the web gallery or have other questions please email me at

I hope you are enjoying your photography as much as I am. May your new year be filled with eye watering images. Thanks.


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